Zenzone Therapy
Chronic Diseases Treated With Eastern Medicine




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The benefits of Alternative Medicine range from Chronic Disease, Musculoskeletal problems, Auto Immune Disease's, Infertility, and a host of nutritional imbalances.  The population of the US has an unacknowledged health crisis known as  Auto immune Disease. Countless patients spend years seeking a proper diagnosis, and about 20% of of Americans are in chronic pain. I believe that number is higher.  Acupuncture is one modality that prompts the body, or reminds the body how to heal itself. Kinesiology, Bio Feedback, and PEMF, assist the body to balance itself back to homeostasis. Our bodies communicate with us through fatigue, pain, insomnia, anxiety, etc. It’s time for you to listen and take action to improve one's health journey, and enjoy what life has to offer.  Any questions, we are always here to offer assistance.

* Chronic Pain

* Auto Immune Diseases

* Testing of Viral's and Bacterium 

* Heavy Metal Testing

* Parasitic Testing

* Stress, Anxiety, Depressive Disorders

* Gut Health

* Nutrition

* Women's Health ( hormone balancing, fertility)



"To have a renewed body, you must be willing to have new perceptions that give rise to new solutions"

-Dr. Deepak Chopra